A near death experience I had with my little  brother!

I decided to share this with you on the level of how amazed and lucky I am, you can call it a testimony and probably an insight!

In the year 2019 My kid brother was preparing for his New secondary school which happens to be a boarding school.
Like usual, he was going to have his hair cut, this time mum asked me to accompany him mainly to get petrol.

It was afternoon time to leave for the salon and filling station… Surprisingly he said he didn’t want to go again; haha ‘alaye ki lo shele’ (Mr man what’s up)…. This was quite unusual of him he’s always excited whenever he wants to cut his hair.

‘What’s all this naa’ I became mad at him at a point in time since he couldn’t give a tangible reason for his sudden change, I called Mom on the phone before I lose my little patience .

She spoke to him and gave him that sambalious command; he had no choice than to adhere

At this time I became very sensitive and kinda scared ‘maybe something will happen’
I shouldn’t have called Mom yet I soliloquiesd; no choice I quickly say a sort of short but heartly prayer in me, that I lost conscious a little (who wan die)….

(fast forward…) we are done and it was  time to return home; we had to cross to the other side of the road and board the rightful commercial bus….

The part I can remember is; myself and him and some people from the other side of the road both ran together, also was a vehicle  approaching (it’s definitely a busy road) few inches away, I remember we all stood still in the middle of the road (the particular vehicle didn’t stop) I sense we all lost conscious at that time, of course we couldn’t move ( all seem paralyzed)

(Peripeteia)…All of a sudden,  an unknown force dragged me, this time I felt I dragged off a magnet realising everyone of us (we stood there for more than 30 sec I’m sure)… Nobody see that as a big deal not even my little brother, but they only panicked a little…

I was amazed and grateful and aback and  i was literally out of words!

Arrrrr God !  it was you yes it was ylYou God

point of my epistle is this; never take a sign of ‘anything’ for granted, regardless of how little it may be, pray to stay sensitive and active, and never should you underrate the power of even few words prayer, what matters should be your heart and emphasis..

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