Add Confidence as the Final Ingredient

Add Confidence as the Final Ingredient

Photography by: Dakshak

Words by : Kuyet Bamai

Happy new week!! I’m really not as pumped as I sound right now about the new week but I’m really excited to see all that will come with it. Is it just me or are days really moving fast? This month especially , being the month of Love, ohhh love.

Talking about my style in a conversation will probably be a hella boring one because my style is pretty basic and that’s exactly the word I use to describe it most of the time “Basic” . You know how fashion has evolved incredibly over the years and how so many people are now coming up with these amazing ways of styling ; I love that and there are times when I even try to be all fashion forward but the more I tried it the more I realized that wasn’t me at all.

I believe people just need to add confidence as the final ingredient for their style to stand out regardless of what it is they’re wearing. You need to wear it and make sure it feels good, comfortable and fits perfectly that way you wouldn’t even care for a compliment whether it comes or not.



Fashion blogger kuyet Bamai holding Dapmod glasses

Dapmod glasses

my “basic” style got me the “fashion blogger of the year” in 2017 so I believe I’m not doing bad at all or am I ? Not like I needed that validation too.

I’ve been wearing a lot of white T-shirts lately and I’m totally obsessed with them because they save me a lot of time and styling energy, I don’t even have to think too hard about what works or what not because everything just works with a white T-shirt just like these pants from Fenshop. I paired the look with these fine, red loafers also from a Nigerian brand called Eyez and they are my very first red loafers , the shoes added that extra “Pop of Color” to this look and also compliments the red line detailing on the pants.



So never forget to just add “confidence” as the final ingredient to your style!!

Outfit Details:

White T-shirt: Celio

Cage pants: Fenshop

Shoes: Eyez

Shades: Dapmod

Thank you for reading!! See you next time .

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Add Confidence as the Final Ingredient

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