Don't let go of your genuine idea
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Don’t let go of your genuine idea #1

by Ojike Emeka

Don’t let go of your genuine idea


Little things that pop up on your mind can definitely change your life for better, if you hold on to them and rebuild them.

If you have an idea which seem genuine, don’t let anyone talk you out of it, all you need is to believe in yourself and work on bringing it to reality.

Don't let go of your genuine idea

Don’t let go of your genuine idea

Stan Lee once gave a priceless advice, stating that “If you have an idea that you genuinely think it is good; don’t let some idiot talk you out of it”

The late, Spider Man author, shared his story on how he nearly got rid of the creation of ‘Spider Man’ when his publisher said people won’t accept such a story. He was going to kill off the magazine (put it on Amazing Fantasy) It really wasn’t selling well, so he sent the last issue to press (nobody care about what you put in last issue magazine, because it’s considered as a dying magazine)

Surprisingly, it got a lot of sales in just a month. His publisher ran back to him saying “Stan Stan, you remember that character we both loved so much, let’s do it as a series” Now see how greatly the ‘once killed off magazine” turned (almost) all and sundrys’ favorite

This is to inspire and enlighten you that when you come up with a rare and tangible idea, don’t listen to people with otherwise thought. The idea is yours not theirs! Try to surround yourself with people who are filled with positivity. People who see good in everything they come across and people who Inspire you in one way or another.

“Oh everyone said I shouldn’t do that, it is trash, I better get this idea out of my system” with this mentality you’re basically drowning yourself, and giving yourself to mediocre.

It is not everytime the majorities are right, there are probably not seeing things from your angle, it’s your task to prove them wrong; not by arguing or predicting, it is by you going against all odds to bring the idea into reality.

“Access your intuition and tune in your inner guidance, which comes from both personal subconscious mind”

If you can believe in yourself and give it all the full commitment, then you’re on the track to getting your burning desire into achievement. Mind you we do get some silly ideas too (LoL) know which to trust. And believe that people whose mentality are discouraging you are just challenges you can overcome.

Persistent and commitment is your only way to achievement.

Wish you best of good luck.

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