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Facts About Gluten-Free Chinese Foods #1

by Ojike Emeka

Facts About Gluten-Free Chinese Foods


Being on a gluten-free diet can be a bit tedious. This is because you have to carefully check out what you eat.

However, if you are willing to plan out your diet, this challenge will be handled.

What is Gluten and Gluten-Free Chinese Foods?

Gluten is a protein which is found in barley, wheat and rye. There are a variety of food which contains these grains. Some examples are sandwich bread, sausage, and the Chinese soy sauce.

If you want to stir clear of gluten, you need to avoid grains with gluten and all foods prepared from them.

Going Gluten Free

Unlike opting to become a vegetarian, going gluten-free is not a whimsical diet option.

The gluten-free diet has gain a lot of reputation recently. It is acclaimed as the channel to good health and ahealthier weight.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive Diseases, taking out gluten from your diet may likely help you lose weight fast and feel better. However, the use of the gluten diet is highly restricted.

Persons permitted to go gluten-free are patients diagnosed with celiac disease or persons who are gluten intolerant. If you do not belong to any of the stated categories, you may have to get some medical advice before deciding to go gluten-free.

Gluten triggers an immune reaction which damages the small intestine and increase the risk of malnutrition for persons diagnosed with celiac disease. Although gluten intolerance does not destroy the digestive tract, it may, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology lead to severe symptoms such as diarrhoea, bloating or abdominal pain.

Gluten in Chinese Food

chinese foods
gluten-free Chinese-foods

Gluten-free Chinese foods are easier to find when shopping at a grocery store. This is because the FDA has asked manufacturers to label all items which quality as gluten-free.

Some restaurants distinctly specify items that are gluten-free in their menus for easy identification. You may be lucky to have your Chinese restaurant do the same.

However, if you are not lucky to have it all spelt out in the menu, knowing the basic foods to avoid is a very good place to start.

Chinese restaurant menu that may contain gluten include:

  • Soy sauce
  • Noodles made from wheat
  • Broth
  • Imitation fish
  • Fried and battered foods

Also note that sources of gluten include agents used to thicken a sauce. When in a Chinese restaurant, stay away from the noodle dishes, soy sausage, the soup and the fried or battered foods. Also avoid any food made from soy sauce.

Important Tips About Gluten-Free Chinese Foods

There are many common meals that we eat that have a lot of gluten contents.

For instance, Wheat gluten is one of the primary ingredients in many brands of soy sauce, according to data from the USDA. Tamari has a flavor similar to soy sauce and is usually gluten-free and may be used as an alternative to soy sauce. Ask your server if gluten-free tamari sauce is available.

Common Gluten-Free Chinese Food

Some gluten-free Chinese foods, such as sweet-and-sour chicken and General Tso’s, are no longer good choices for you on your gluten-free diet.

However, a good number of affordable gluten-free Chinese foods are available at various Chinese restaurants.

Some gluten-free Chinese foods are very common and can be found nearby and cheaply gotten. Examples of such diets include but not limited to the following;

  • Rice noodles prepared without broth or soy sauce.
  • Delicacies such as Buddha delight
  • Shrimp, chicken or beef made with gluten-free tamari sauce and lanced with broccoli or mixed vegetables
  • Rice

Having gluten-free Chinese foods require your effort and supervision. You have to cross check your dish menu and work through the ingredients used by your chef or server to avoid any trace of contamination. You may also try to ensure that the cooking item, such as the cooking pan, is clean and clear of gluten.

Other precautions you may take, especially if you are getting your meal from a restaurant, involves browsing online to ascertain that the restaurant has gluten-free item.


As you strive to manage your gluten intake, we advise that you also try to avoid beer with gluten. Beer is one of the richest sources of gluten. While purchasing your beer, do check if it is a gluten free beer.

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