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How the beauty of friendship has been underrated #1

by Isaac Adebanke



You can agree with me that friends are spice of life, their different shades of amazing makes living a whole lot better. Being with someone who cares for you, loves you , teases you, and share things with you as same as yourself, sure brings a whole lot of comfort. The beauty of friendship and companionship cannot be over emphasized.

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Have you ever wondered when you are going through some difficulties in your life the first person (s) you call ain’t your family members by blood but your friend (s)?. Well it’s not that they have taken the place of your family or mean so more to you than your family rather, you seem to be totally yourself around them. People you don’t need to be modest in front of or overly ethical. You just vibe and you both move along with the flow.

It got to my notice that many have used standards to limit themselves on making friends. Standards such as



Financial prowess

Educational background


Family background




To mention a few.

Age is totally meaningless all that matters in finding solace. Many people consider themselves too big for a certain person when they gain the knowledge of the person’s age.  Wrong mentality because age has nothing to do with maturity, level of wisdom and how well you can vibe with watch other.

Another limitation is financial prowess. Somehow this particular one automatically activates itself as soon as a certain person start living better than his old pals. He or she would seek to mingle with people of his financial strength and call it his or her caliber of people. Well it’s not a bad thing to want to blend in with people you think are of same status as you but using that as an avenue to to pause your long term friendship is a show of lack of appreciation to your union, memory and history and believe it or not it mostly ends in regrets because no one can replace the memories made with friends not even your wedded wife or husband.

Many also use Educational background to pick friends. Well out of so many irrelevant reasons this is one of the most irrelevant. I have so many friends who haven’t studied up to my level but have proven to be very knowledgeable is some areas than I am. They don’t teach you common sense in school.

Status is one key factor people use. It is liken to financial prowess but personal status differs with popularity.

Family background. Questions like, who is your father? What’s does he do? Who is your mother?  Where do your family live? How is your family financially? Are your parents educted?. Funny questions right? But it’s a major limitation. Some people visit their friends home and lose interest in that person because they feel their background is not up to standard.

Ethnicity looks the same but totally different because this has to do with tribe. In a country like Nigeria tribalism is a war that is not being battled in fact it is encouraged in many ways. Yoruba finds it difficult to mingle with Igbo because And vis-a-vis. Another doesn’t want to have anything to do with Hausa. It has eaten so deep in most places, culture, family you are rejected if you bring some certain tribe individual as a wife or husband talk more of friendship. This could be broadly explained but for the reasons if this article i won’t go further than this. Friendship breaks all bounds.


Religion is also playing a major role here. In fact they can each other pagans because one religious group believes their God is the true God and the other would even go as far as killing members of another religion because of religion. How do you want to even break this limitation? Humanity over religion. I’ve experienced a scenario where a certain person was having issues feeding back in school. The only person who cooked in the hostel is a Muslim brother which he even offered her a meal. Well why? I’m not sure because she didn’t make it known that she was hungry and have nothing to eat. She rejected the offer. I thought it was modesty till I asked why out of curiosity and it came out that it’s because he is a Muslim. Wow just wow. And this even happens as pastors preaches Against eating Muslim sallah meats and Muslims also rejects Christmas meals. And this is pure enmity. What a great limitation to friendship this is. You can’t vibe with a person that you like his or her vibes because he or she doesn’t believe in your religion or isn’t living by your religion.

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Race is also an unfortunate limitation to making friends.


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The issue of race is very obvious and we all can see it happening everyday how do you even forget about humanity and think more of white and black does it really matter if someone is white or black before you can make friends with them isn’t it outrageous that we have totally forgotten that humanity is supposed to be above everything else. I have something you need but you can’t bring yourself to ask him from me because I am black and same with a black person wouldn’t want to make friends with a white person in fact, these two sets of race have gone so far to giving themselves annoying names a white person intentionally calling a black man a nigga and a black man intentionally calling a white person white trash how on Earth the friendship will not come out from these and this is part of the great limitations of making friends. Like I said earlier on friendship knows no bound and this is how it is supposed to be. Funny if you think about it friendship knows No bounds and also friendship has the power to break any bound by it racial ethnicity family background financial prayers and vis-a-vis if you give it a chance.

Friendship in itself is beautiful, friends can make you or break you, build you or tear down. Although there are some you are totally into, their vibes are unexplainable while the others you sometimes try to avoid.


No one is an island, and everybody needs somebody. The truth is you can’t run life all by yourself, you will only get more frustrated
You would need someone to hold you, believe in you, stand by you, support your dreams, correct you, talk to you, cry with you, share joy with you, plan with you. All of these things is not in the number of friends you have, but it is most times determined by impact. You can have one friend that makes your life better, and you can have 12 friends that wrecks your life.

The friends we keep have influence over us. It doesn’t matter how strong your values are, how deep they are in your heart, if you play around people who don’t keep that value, or hold them in esteem ,you might end up losing them.

Choose your friends wisely and carefully. If you have a good friendship with someone. Hold it in high esteem, cherish it, forgive quickly, love passionately. It doesn’t mean friends won’t hurt you or disappoint you, no one is perfect. But if you have a loving and forgiving heart, you would enjoy life.



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