Havainas made me love espadrilles 1#

Havainas made me love espadrilles

Hey there,

Havainas, Ever heard of Espadrilles before? Do you remember the shoes that were a thing some years back (90’s kids only) TOMS? Well espadrilles are almost like that, they’re simple and light comfy shoes that can be styled too. I never wore them until last year when I did a partnership with Shop B Code when I posted a picture of me wearing the espadrilles Here. The once in this post are from a brand called Havainas and they actually started opening their stores in Nigeria sometime in 2018 and I’ve actually worked with them since then.

The Havainas paper bag

The platform that they sell on is called SHOP B CODE and they’re actually the ones I partner with directly so this year’s campaign was for their rebrand and they gave me an open ticket to pick two products from their store. I went for the espadrilles again because…..comfy and I added a pair of slides too.

I actually mixed up the dates for this campaign so I literally shot these flatlays late at night but thank God I’m a badass with editing so you wouldn’t know. I styled the espadrilles with shorts and a simple Shirt purchased from Celio because I loved the contrast and the agreement between the shirt and the shoes.

Summer vibes

A simple look like this was what I wanted to achieve when I picked out these espadrilles and I definitely loved how these images came out (thanks to Mr Fen) for taking them.


Do you own any espadrilles? Will you like to own one?

Let’s chat in the comments.

Thank you for read! See you next time.

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