How to become a Nollywood star, 2020.
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How to become a Nollywood star, 2020.

by Ojike Emeka

How to become a Nollywood star, 2020.


With all the seemingly glitz and glamour attached to being a Nollywood star, one wouldn’t even think it twice to join Nollywood, that is where the question comes in, how do I become a Nollywood Star,especially in this new year 2020?

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How to become a Nollywood star

Nollywood is the name given to the movie industry in Nigeria, it started some decades back and it has made the likes of: Olu Jacobs, Pete Edochie, Iya Rainbow,Lanre Hassan, Joke silva, Baba Suwe and so many more.

The industry has also produced some new generation stars that came after the aforementioned, the category of; Genevieve Nnaji, RMD, Stella Damascus, Ini Edo, Ntse, Rita Dominic, Susan Peters etc and yet another category: Zubi Michael, Regina Daniels, Anita Joseph,kunle Remi, Alex Ekubo, Ik Ogbonna , Yul Edochie 

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Nollywood star, Monalisa chinda Coker

Now let’s delve into the topic of the day, how to become a Nollywood star.

  1. TALENT: Nollywood is an entertainment industry, acting precisely, to become a member of this industry, you have to be able to act, i mean, be talented. You should be able to take up any role, ability to deliver a role perfectly, is what I call  “ being talented “ make sure you are gifted at acting.
  2. PASSION: you can not just become a Nollywood star without having any passion for acting, there is the possibility that you are great at acting but you don’t have passion for it. In this case, you have to posses a strong passion for acting as this is what will motivate you in times of difficulties, trust me, the road to becoming a Nollywood star is not as glamorous as they paint it, so your passion becomes your driving force amidst tribulations.
  3. EDUCATION: get some degree, it could be in Acting or any other course, provided you have the talent and you have a great command of the English language.
  4. SOCIALIZE: the opportunity of becoming a Nollywood star would never come find you in your house, you have to socialize and mingle with other people in the industry, put your self out there, be on social media platforms.
  5. BECOME A MEMBER OF ACTORS GUILD OF NIGERIA (AGN): this is a body that controls all Nollywood actors, become a registered member of this group, attend their meetings, do whatever they do.
  6. ATTEND AUDITIONS: very important, you can not give reason that you are now a member of AGN and you should relax at home, nope! You need to attend auditions for different productions, during this auditions show your acting prowess, by so you get better chances of being starred in a movie and that is how it commences.
  7. DEDICATION AND HARD WORK: this step needs not to be neglected, whether it’s a “waka pass” role, put in your very best to deliver that role, be aware that, this is your career and you have to make it work, do anything humanly possible to succeed.
  8. UPDATE YOUR CRAFT: acting is your craft, you have to constantly update it to suit the evolving fashion and taste.
  9. GET ON SOCIAL MEDIA: the people that can turn you into a Nollywood star, are Nigerian and one of the ways to stay connected to them is through social media as majority of Nigerians are active users of Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn etc. As an up and coming Nollywood actor who has a strong desire to become a star, you need to get along with them on these various platforms
  10. HAVE  A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH COLLEAGUES: you must learn how to maintain a good working relationship with colleagues especially older ones, because they can play a major role in making you a Nollywood star.

I strongly believe that with all these steps religiously abode by, you are on the right path to becoming the next Nollywood star.

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