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How to start up a career in Nigeria (2020 guild)

by Ojike Emeka

How to start up a career in Nigeria (2020 guild)

According to Oxford Advanced learner’s Dictionary, career is a series of jobs that a person has in a particular area of work, usually involving more responsibilities as time passes.

When we talk about career, a lot of people mistake it for, work or job. Career is quit different from job or work, you can have a job that you don’t necessarily enjoy, you are keeping the job because it pays your bills. Hardly does any one hate their career; this is because you choose it, you enjoy doing it and you are willing to grow on and have it for a long time.


How to start up a career in Nigeria

How to start up a career in Nigeria


The same question is asked by different people “How do I start up a career in this and in that Nigeria?”

It doesn’t matter if you are starting up a career in Music, Film, health, fashion, blogging,teaching, politics, etc, provided you are in Nigeria, this article is specially written for you.

In this article, you find some steps or guild you need to follow when trying to start up a successful Career in Nigeria. Please be informed, all tips mentioned below are opinions from different consulted career experts

Follow these steps to start up a career:

SELECTION: normally in Nigeria and even beyond, kids at a very tender age begin to show interest in some specific career choices, these interest could be in:health, fashion, entrepreneurship, banking, presenting, blogging etc. It doesn’t matter when you realize what you want to do in life. Just pick a career path!

PASSION: this comes closely after the selection stage, I must tell you that “a great career comes with great passion” this simply means, for you to venture into any career, you must be sure to have passion for it as this will be your driving force when the responsibilities become intense.

ACADEMIC CERTIFICATION : Yes! You need to go to school and study. School is where you get a strong knowledge of what ever career path you choose, there are different universities that specialize solely in different fields of study for instance: Nigerian university of Medicine, school of foreign languages, Teachers training college of Nigeria etc. Follow the course and get certification.

INTERNSHIP: this is as important as anything! Most times you only get to be taught “theories” in school, majorly, the practical aspects are neglected. Interning in a firm related to your career path helps you in gaining some hands on experience.

PRACTICE : finally, you should get a job in the field and start practicing as this will help you get more experience as well as provide food on your table. You can be on the job and keep improving yourself until you are ready to start up your own company, that is if you want to.

We hope you follow these few steps in starting up career as they have been tested and trusted by career experts.

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