We never forget the respectable day,remarkable day,notable day,memorable day and honourable day.


The counts,come and go like time,never wait.


It was in the year ninety sixty,the first day of the tenth month.

It was a fight for freedom,for oneness and it was gotten.

We rejoiced,jubilated and celebrated but didn’t really comprehend what till it dawns. We were brought out of a life into the life we live now…one going inauspicious




It is again the the first day in October. And,now a jubilee. Ceremoniously,the 60th. The 60th strive against constraint.






As this day is respected,remarked,noted memorised,and honoured,so should the life in it,the people there then,now and in the near future.

And so should the wealth, goodness and prosperity flourish. The liberty shouldn’t just count but be counted.

And Love which is the greatest should persist.


May God bestow the grace to run the race to the end.

We are Nigerians!

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