Life || Remember to Live

Life || Remember to Live

Photography by: Planet sbb

Hey guys, Happy new year and I’m saying that with a very straight face like I’m not late. Well it is what it is. Hope we’re having a good year so far, I’m having a good year I must say but it could be better. I noticed how so many people started 2021 without making any public declarations and I understand nobody wants to jinx it like how we did with 2020 *sigh*.

Wearing sweatshirt from Officialbrownsugar1969

It’s true 2020 was one hell of a year, an interesting if you ask me but regardless of how you like to describe it I think we somehow still survived, we passed through it and are still here so what now? I’ll tell you what, let’s live in 2021 because 2020 has taught us just make every minute count and that’s what I live by now and it’s been helping me get through everyday reminding myself to do something that’ll make it count.

If you’re still healing then take all the time you need and also be kind to yourself while you’re at it too.

Sweatshirt: Officialbrownsugar1969

Pants: Pants: Garndre

Shoes: PEP

So yes we survived 2020, let’s live in 2021.

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