Meet 5 Baby Animal That Kill One Another Immediately After Birth
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Meet 5 Baby Animal That Kill One Another Immediately After Birth

by Ojike Emeka

Meet 5 Baby Animal That Kill One Another Immediately After Birth


Life in the wild can be so brutal that sometimes animals are forced to do terrible things to ensure survival. To survive some baby animals species kill their own siblings moment after they are born and some start their killing spree from the womb.

Don’t be trick by these baby animals calm demeanor as they are so ferocious to the extent of killing their brothers and sisters to Survive.

5. Tiger Salamander

As most amphibians, Tiger Salamanders ought to start their lives as herbivores tadpoles. But they are unusual because their eggs can develop into two types of tadpoles, the herbivores tadpoles and the cannibal tadpoles during unfavorable condition. The cannibal tadpoles has a larger head, bigger mouth and more developed teeth compare to its herbivore siblings. This features enable them to feed on other tadpoles.

4. Hyena

Hyenas don’t have many natural predators except for the Lion, this make them to be the most populated predators in Africa. Therefore to control their population, the cubs tends to kill one another immediately they are born. Unlike most predators, they are born with sharp teeth, eyes wide open which helps them to establish dominance over one another.

3. Golden Eagle

The golden eagle usually lay two eggs and they are laid one or two days apart. The egg that was first laid usually hatch first and the chick is fed for a day or two before the second egg hatch making the first chick to be stronger and bigger. The larger chick attack the smaller ones while hoarding the majority of food that the parents bring to the nest.

Oftentimes, the second and third hatching chicks will fail to live past the first few weeks due to their bullying older siblings. You would think the parents might think to intervene, but eagles don’t protect the chicks from themselves.

2. Honey Bee

The honey bee live in colonies compose of one Queen, few Drones (fertile males) and the workers(sterile females). When the Queen Bee grows old, the workers select a few larvae, take them to special cells and feed them Royal Jelly which make them develop into fertile females(Queens). The first queen to emerge stings the other to death and if two or three queens emerge together, a vicious battle occurs in which one has to kill the others. The winner become the new Queen. The workers then kill the old Queen.

1. Sand Tiger Shark

Female Sand Tiger Shark have two wombs and each womb produces many eggs. The eggs hatch while still inside the womb. The embryo soon develop sharp teeth and start killing and eating their siblings and any unfertilized eggs in the womb until there is only 1 embryo left alive in each womb. Since they fed abundantly in the womb, they are quite big when they are born

around 1metre long. At birth the Sand Tiger Shark fingerling is already an experienced Killer.

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