Muniratu Abubakar
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Amazing Muniratu Abubakar emerges ‘The King’s Chef’ #1

by Isaac Adebanke

Muniratu Abubakar

The victor of the main release of Devon King’s ‘The King’s Chef’ challenge has risen! Muniratu Abubakar has been named ‘The King’s Chef’ for demonstrating inventiveness in her style of cooking during the savage rivalry which saw more than 100 members enter the race for the renowned Devon King’s title.

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Following intense consultations by the free board of judges drove by the top Chef, Chef Obubu, Muniratu Abubakar was named victor of The King’s Chef Challenge 2020 after her 3-course supper which incorporates an Appetizer, Garlic Bread; Main course, Basmati White Rice with Chicken sauce, serving of mixed greens and buttered stuffed plantain and Dessert, Lemon shower cake was pronounced the best regarding innovativeness, feast introduction and dinner standpoint, winning her the fantastic prize of N200k money prize + Standing Gas Cooker + Mixer + a half year’s flexibly of Devon King’s items.

Muniratu Abubakar

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