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Awesome results of having self moments #1

by Isaac Adebanke


Self moments

I love being around my friends. I love having people around me catching up with the latest gist, laughing, chatting, eating just having fun basically. There are lots of things I enjoy doing but none of it profits me more than having time out with myself.

Self moments

Self moments is not limited to taking myself out and all but it is more of the time you set aside for just for yourself. it is in there you tell yourself the truth, check your excesses, mistakes, seek out your flaws, gather up strength, take and make important decisions, analyze important questions , answer the ones you can and leave out the ones you can’t.

Self moments

It is where you draw maps for your life, weigh your decisions, plans.

For someone who wants to go far in life and succeed, you must learn to spend time with yourself. Discovering yourself layer by layer daily. If all your life is spent in the public soon you would have nothing to give.
You see most of the issues that bothers us are ours to solve, most of the problems we feel we cannot handle or sort out , we hold solution to if only you can spend some time alone.

I don’t mean you should lock yourself in 24 hours in dark rooms and begin to think. No, I mean even as you go on with your daily activities, you open up to growing intentionally.

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You should create time for yourself away from the crowd to draw the strength to move on.

This is not your shutting people out or not answering to the calls if your loved once, this is you trying to access yourself to make sure you are still on the right track and your life’s plan is following suit. This you trying to track back your steps to things you’ve done, achieved and missed in your life over the years or  months.

Self moments helps you to think of things that matter and will be profitable to you. A silent place where you can audibly hear your thoughts. There are so many things to achieve during self moments. Inspiration, brilliant ideas, solutions to challenges, answers to questions. And so many other things.

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As I said earlier on there are so many problems and challenges only you can solve and till you start observing self moments you may never be able to deal with them.

Have time for yourself even as a wife husband and a parent it is important and can’t be over emphasized.


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Self moments

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