The abuse of Chloroquine in Nigeria
Home Health The abuse of Chloroquine in Nigeria #1

The abuse of Chloroquine in Nigeria #1

by Ojike Emeka

The abuse of Chloroquine in Nigeria


The abuse of Chloroquine in Nigeria, can be said to be one of the negativities attached to the Coronavirus pandemic. Since its announcement by the President of the United State, Donald Trump as a medication that reduces the effect of coronavirus and possibly serve as a blocker against the virus, Nigerians have adopted the life style of consuming at least 3 tablets of Chloroquine everyday as a means of self protection, even without appropriate prescription. It should be known that, Chloroquine is a medication normally used for the treatment of malaria and its overdose can amount to dangerous health damage.

A pharmacist who works with a Lagos based pharmacy, revealed that N30,000 worth of Chloroquine was sold out from their store in less than two days, last week.

Another pharmacist from a different company also revealed that, since the announcement of Chloroquine as a possible medication to fight off coronavirus, it has become the most cherished drug in the store, he also added that the sale of Chloroquine alone these days, will flourish a business.

A man who spoke with, confessed that he is guilty of Chloroquine abuse, saying that he goes about the drug, showing us some in his pocket.

The Lagos State Government, just last week announced that its hospitals are open to treating patients with problems of Chloroquine overdose.

Also being abused, is alcohol, just like Chloroquine, alcohol is believed somewhat to be an antidote to coronavirus, which has forced people to consume it on a regular basis.

Taking precautionary measures to prevent contracting the virus, is a perfect idea but when drugs are excessively consumed, issues start arising.

So,Please avoid the abuse of drugs.

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