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The story of Annestecia Mary Lyon which parents should lean from #1

by Ojike Emeka

The story of Annestecia Mary Lyon which parents should lean from


Few days ago, a girl with the Facebook name Annestecia Mary Lyon sent the internet into a frenzy with a story about how a 17-year-old girl, and an apprentice of hers whom she’s tutoring to become a makeup artist disappeared for days after leaving her studio upon dismissal. 

The story of Annestecia Mary Lyon

Lemachi the girl who went missing for days

The girl who narrated the story for the world to read and pass judgement on how she (Annestecia) was treated by the missing girls parents stated that the said girl has been wayward in the past and her parents never cared.

So in my opinion I want every parent who still have teenage daughters to note this advice, because if it was applied in the case of Lemachi I am sure this callous event would have been avoided and the said girl wouldn’t go for days missing without being located.

Read about the whole incident below and see why my opinion which I will state below the screenshots should be highly considered.

In my opinion

1. Parents Should Allow Their Teenage Daughters To Use Phones But With Restrictions

I know parents agreement to this will be divided but hear me out, had it been that Lemachi had a phone she would have been easily contacted by her parents especially her father, and then she would have been ordered to come home.

Lemachi knew she didn’t own a cell phone, and she decided that she’ll only return home at her own time without anyone disturbing her during her enjoyment with the boys in the hotel.

Had it been a call kept coming in on her phone, she would have felt disturbed, and her conscience will push her to pick up the call and hear her worried parents voice, at least she would have had a change of mind and cut down the days she wanted to spend in that hotel room with two boys.

Give your daughter’s phones in other to know what they are doing with their life while growing up, surprise them suddenly one day by demanding their phone immediately and browse through what they are doing or talking about with their friends on social media.

Had it been Lemachi’s mum used these tactics, she would have uncovered the plot of her daughter was planning to carry out by going through her interchanges with friends on her phone.

Because Lemachi had no phone she planned everything under their nose with no physical evidence to show it, she carried it out leaving no print. Give your teenage daughters phones but surprise them sometimes by checking up what they’re doing with it and restrict what you suspect inappropriate.

2. Parents Please Talk To Your Children About Relationships And Sex

In this modern age, parents not having a heart-to-heart talk with their daughters about the dangers of premarital sex and knowing whom their daughters are keeping as friends can be a huge mistake in the future.

I read a story of how a mother found out that her daughter’s friend is arranging boys to defile her for the first time, just because the said daughter opened up to her friend that she’s now seeing her period for the first time.

The said daughter didn’t tell her mum about seeing her period for the first time because her mum has never had time to discuss womanhood with her.

The mother never had time to teach her about puberty or what follows when a girl starts developing noticeable changes in parts of her body.

So after the said daughter started disclosing to her other teenage best friend about her puberty and body development, just because she’s confused and hasn’t been sensitized by her mum, the best friends first advice to her was “congratulations, you’re now a woman, I will arrange a good boy for you who will take care of you”

This is what a daughter got as an advice the first time she saw her period, her mum wasn’t aware of this until the day she went through her daughters phone and saw the messages that her daughter and the best friend exchanged.

As a parent please talk to your teenage daughters about their body and about sex and relationships in general, please sensitize them about the dangers of having the wrong friends because it would have been avoided in the case of Lemachi had it been her mum did the right thing by knowing all the friends Lemachi keeps and if her daughter is already active in sex life.

3. Be A Good Role Model As A Parent

I am not a parent yet and what can I possibly know about parenthood?

Well, after reading the story Annestecia Mary Lyon posted on Facebook, I can assure you that Lemachi’s parents are not doing their job as parents really well.

In her story she disclosed that Lemachi comes home 10pm sometimes and it has been going on for sometime according to her brother.

What sort of parent allows a 17-year-old girl come home from school by 10pm? The red flags have been there all along and Lemachi’s parents ignored it all.

Please as a parent play your part really well and train your children in a way they’ll grow and impact the society positively, and not just for your daughters but your sons as well.

Lemachi a 17-year-old girl spent days in a hotel room with someone else’s son(s), if these boys’ parents had instilled discipline in their boys they wouldn’t have spent days with a minor in a hotel room for days without having a change of heart and send her home.

NB: hotel owners are also accountable for this similar crimes, please if you’re a hotel owner make it a mandatory that a minor never cross your premises because you will be held accountable by the law for harboring a minor in your place of business.

You can be locked up in jail or worse risk losing your hotel and have it demolished by the government had the girl been found dead in your hotel room.

A minor is an underage girl or boy whose age restricts them from doing certain things adults are privileged to.

From the above story what is your contribution to all these please?


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