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Top 5 fitness coaches in Lagos

by Ojike Emeka

Top 5 fitness coaches in Lagos


A healthy and fit body, they say stands the test of durability.

The culture of fitness and wellness in Nigeria has really evolved since the last years. Vaste majority of Nigerians have truly come to understand the importance of staying healthy and fit and the benefits attached to this lifestyle.

The word “fitness” is always suggestive of: the gym, nutrition, muscles, workout etc. As a matter of fact, they are all elements that make up fitness, without them, fitness will remain unattainable.

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Following the evolution of fitness in Nigeria, which has produced quite a number of people who have dedicated a considerable number of years to learning the pros and cons of fitness and how to properly effect this culture to a satisfactory result, also being the principal reason for this article, they are called fitness coaches, without them, many of us would probably be getting it all wrong with, nutrition and workout programs which are the bedrock of fitness.

We have taken the pain to put together this list of top 5 fitness coaches in Lagos, having done an in-depth research and also considered a whole lot of things. Please, be aware that we arrived at this list based on some certain factors that include: client service, assiduity, experience, professionalism and savoir-faire.

The fitness coaches that made it to the list are tested and trusted, they are knowledgeable about fitness, combining a healthy nutrition with the right workout to achieve a great result. They are duly recommended by jagaban for Lagosians who wish to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Top 5 fitness coaches in Lagos


Top 5 fitness coaches in Lagos

Popularly called “Razzie” Razak is a fitness enthusiast/entrepreneur, his love for fitness and wellness led him into establishing his own gym centre.

Some of you might recognize him from “Mr Universe 2018 pageant” winning the contest contributed a great deal in exposing him as a fitness coach. Razzie has been in the business of fitness for half a decade, he is a member of Canada Fitness Professionals Association, duly certified by Jullian Micheal Shredded.

Like I mentioned earlier, Razzie is the CEO of I AM FIT, a movement based in Lagos that is aimed at advocating fitness and wellness in Nigeria. Lanre Razak is a distributor of Herbalife products.

You can contact Razzie via his Instagram: @train_with_razzie or catch him in his element at I am fit gym in Lagos.

Top 5 fitness coaches in Lagos


Top 5 fitness coaches in Lagos

Here is another fitness aficionado that you can completely trust to achieve a great result in a short while with proper nutrition and workout plans.

Kelvin won the Mr Muscle classic, West Africa 2019 competition, he is a certified Dietician, so you are guaranteed a perfect diet plan that works amazingly.

To contact Kelvin for a session, follow him on Instagram:@fitness_refinery_network they his Facebook page: flex_wealth de freaky to catch up with him personally, visit fitness central Ikota in Lekki, Lagos.


Top 5 fitness coaches in Lagos

Always in the gym and coming up with new ways to leading a healthy and fit life. Franklyn is a fitness guru, everything about fitness, gym, workout turns him on.

He has been in the fitness industry long enough to turn an obese body into a beauty pageant standard physique, in just one month, Franklyn is that driven when it comes fitness and wellness.

To connect with this fitness coach, on Instagram:@coachpromise_ reach out to him personally, call: +1 6475150960 and on WhatsApp:08087233475.


He is the perfect example of “can your coach ever…” in this case is “can your coach ever be this cute and cool.” Lol! Fabulous is one dogged and result driven fitness coach that I know in the city of Lagos, awesome client service, he believes that his client’s satisfaction is paramount. Therefore employing every strategy in achieving this goal.

Let Fabulous be your fitness coach, connect with him via, Instagram:@fabulousking1 or call 09082917008, he works out at ifitness in lagos, so be free to approach him and discuss fitness when next you see him.


A fashion model and fitness coach, Richard has shown an impressive effort in his fitness career, hosting one of the city’s biggest fitness booth camps and also recording a good number of testimonials, Richard is Just about the perfect fitness coach to help you kick start your journey into achieving a great physique and wellness.

Did i already mention that Richard is a Masseur? Oh yes he is! Think about a relaxing session of full body massage after any workout program! You see why you should be contacting Richard already on 07053365401, 08093982862 you can also send him a message on Instagram and twitter: @rickarin

Top 5 fitness coaches in Lagos

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