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Type of fashion model you never knew existed- Hijab models #1

by Olajumoke_mae

Type of fashion model you never knew existed- Hijab models


Fashion models have commonly been known for their type of showcase. More often, models appears on the runaway in heavy revealing garment and garments at times may be less revealing, all these depends on the designer’s idea!Type of fashion model you never knew existed- Hijab models

Although models aren’t entitled to choose the costume/ garment they will showcase; fortunately Hijab models happened to be highly recognized.

The name ‘Hijab Model’ as one can rightly sense, refers to Muslim sisters who models. They put on designer’s garment which covers the whole sensitive part of their body which can rarely be seen amongst the very known type of model.

Halima made history in the fashion line; she did her (swim suit) walk at the Miss Minnesota pagent, with hijab which made her get a contract with one of the major modeling agency across the globe, which is IMG. Also did Iqram Abdi make history being the first HFM (high fashion model)
Ugbad Abdi is also one of the prominent Hijab models to mention few.

Just like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Naomi Campbell and the likes; Hijab models are also well recognized across the globe, influential, walked the fashion week in big cities. Like New York, Paris, Milan. And they (Hijab models) have been on high magazines cover occasionally, in the likes of Vogue in different cities

If being a fashion model is your dream but discouraged by the majorities in the field appearance, this article is dedicated to get you right back on track and as a matter of fact, Hijab models also get represented by top top Modeling agencies (it’s left to you to present yourself best) so don’t be pissed off thinking you’ll go in with minor market.

Unlike most people will think; being a model is not a sin! As long as you keep in the words of God, you are right on track. If you don’t promote pornography (showing the naked part of the body, giving seductive facial and body poses and  advertising anything sinful) then you’re right on track!

Have in mind that being a hijab model doesn’t define you as old school, it’s rather a sui genesis version in the world of Modeling.


Meanwhile, Pakistan also produced a beautiful HFM Mehreen Syeed, who as well abstain from revealing costume though never termed as Hijab model, but also get to be so much successful!

Disclaimer: I’m not illustrating that one type of model is better than the other, this is just to share a known knowledge!

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