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WMI Scholarship Program 2023 Application Guide

Posted on December 9, 2022, by Brianbogglers under Scholarships Update
Applications for the WMI Scholarship Program are now being accepted from eligible students. It is a fully financed scholarship provided by the Wells Mountain Initiative to all students.

About the Scholarship

The Wells Mountain Initiative (WMI) is a public charity foundation with headquarters in Bristol, Vermont, that has received approval from the Internal Revenue Service of the United States. The WMI Scholars Program is accepting applications from students from poor nations.

The beneficiaries of this scholarship must, however, maintain high academic standing, engage in volunteer work, and adhere to WMI deadlines for turning in an official transcript of their academic records and finishing their semester reports.

WMI Scholarship Program Benefits

Covers school fees, tuition, and other relevant costs.

WMI Scholarship Program Requirements

1. Be a graduate of a secondary school with good to excellent grades.

2. Will not turn 35 before March 1, 2023.

3. Will attend school in his or her home nation or in another developing nation.

4. Is working toward obtaining a first-time bachelor’s degree or diploma.

5. Will be enrolled in a course of study that will assist the community and/or improve the development of his or her native nation.

6. After graduating, intends to reside and work in his or her own country.

7. A certified copy of your tertiary school transcript (if applicable).

8. An official grade interpretation key for tertiary grades

9. Your national exam results in writing.

10. Use the official grading scale to assess your national exam results.

Click HERE to apply

Application Closing Date

March 1, 2023.

If you have any questions about the scholarship, do well to drop a message for us by using the comment button below. Also to well to share this piece of information to your friends and family across all social platforms.



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